Listing Process and Requirements

Does a PSO listing expire?

A PSO is listed for a period of 3 years. To renew its listing for an additional 3 years, the PSO will be required to complete and submit a PSO Certification for Continued Listing form before the expiration of its period of listing. The PSO must certify that it is performing, and will continue to perform, each of the patient safety activities and that it is complying with, and will continue to comply with, the other requirements of the Patient Safety Rule.

What is the primary activity requirement for initial listing as a PSO?

Entities submitting certifications for initial listing need to attest that they meet the requirement that both their mission and their primary activity are to conduct activities to improve patient safety and the quality of health care delivery (Patient Safety Rule Section 3.102(b)(2)(i)(A) and Patient Safety Rule Section 3.102(b)(2)(ii)).

What are the requirements to be a PSO?

Every entity seeking to be a PSO must certify to AHRQ that it has policies and procedures (go to Policies and Procedures—Topics to Address; PDF File, 76 KB) in place to perform the eight patient safety activities specified in the Patient Safety Rule.

In addition, an entity must also, upon listing, certify that it will comply with the following seven additional criteria specified in the Patient Safety Rule: