How can a hospital utilize the services of a PSO to help reduce readmission rates for various conditions?

For hospitals with high risk-adjusted readmission rates for certain conditions, the Affordable Care Act contains provisions that are aimed at decreasing those rates. The law states that these hospitals may enlist PSOs to help reduce their rates. The PSO readmissions Web page contains helpful information and tools that can be used by such hospitals, and PSOs that work with those hospitals, to address the causes of unnecessary readmissions. In fact, any hospital can work with a PSO on any patient safety issue of the hospital's choice. Because services offered by PSOs to help reduce readmissions will vary, AHRQ recommends consulting a PSO's Web site to determine if that PSO is offering such assistance.

Hospitals that wish to identify factors associated with unnecessary readmissions are encouraged to consider using Common Format–Readmissions Version 0.1 Beta. This standardized Common Format allows hospitals to aggregate data on readmissions. In addition, hospitals can compare their data to others and analyze trends on a community, regional, and national level. To access Common Formats–Readmissions Version 0.1 Beta, go to the Patient Safety Organization Privacy Protection Center (PPC) Web site. Learn more about the Common Formats.