What is the difference between the "Listed PSO" logo and the "AHRQ Common Formats" logo?

The Listed PSO logo is a checkmark with "Listed PSO" written over it.PSOs that are currently listed by Secretary are entitled to display the "Listed PSO" logo. This logo is intended to identify entities whose PSO certifications have been accepted in accordance with Section 3.104(a) of the Patient Safety Rule. Before working with a PSO, however, health care providers are encouraged to review AHRQ's directory to confirm that the entity being considered is still a listed PSO.

The Common Formats logo is two computers with arrows between them.The "AHRQ Common Formats" logo may be displayed by any organization that is using the Common Formats developed by AHRQ. Such entities do not need to be listed as a PSO by the HHS Secretary to employ the Common Formats and thus display the logo. The Common Formats are available in the public domain to facilitate their widespread adoption and implementation. Entities that display the logo should use the Common Formats as a whole; however, entities that have a limited focus may use the Common Formats that pertain only to that area.