Federally-Listed PSOs

Below is a list of PSOs that are currently listed by AHRQ. A health care provider can only obtain the confidentiality and privilege protections of the Patient Safety Act by working with a Federally-listed PSO.

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Note: AHRQ updates the PSO information contained within the directories weekly, as needed; changes are made when there are newly listed PSOs and/or when existing information requires revision. Changes that would otherwise be effective on a weekend day or holiday will be effective on the next business day. Information contained in the directories is based on attestations that the PSOs provide. To update PSO contact information, please use the Change of Listing Information form; to update profile information, please go to the PSO PPC Web site.

There are 86 total PSOs listed by AHRQ.

Pascal Metrics Inc - P0047
Effective Date and Time of Initial Listing: February 11, 2009 12:01 AM ET
Street Address: 1025 Thomas Jefferson Street NW, Suite 420 East, Washington, District of Columbia 20007
PSO Phone Number: (202) 333-9090
Point of Contact: Alejandra Alvarez
Point of Contact Phone: (202) 333-9090
Point of Contact Email: alejandra.alvarez07@pascalmetrics.com (link is external)
Two Bona Fide Contract Requirement: Next attestation period is 02/11/2019 through 02/10/2021
Disclosures & Finding: None
The Quality Center Patient Safety Organization - P0025
Component of Parent Org(s):
  • NCHA, Inc. DBA North Carolina Healthcare Association
  • North Carolina Hospital Association
  • North Carolina Hospital Foundation
  • North Carolina Hospital Foundation, Inc.
Effective Date and Time of Initial Listing: December 10, 2008 12:01 AM ET
Street Address: 2400 Weston Parkway, Cary, North Carolina 27513
PSO Phone Number: 919-677-4212
Point of Contact: Shelby Lassiter
Point of Contact Phone: 919-677-4134
Point of Contact Email: slassiter@ncha.org (link is external)
Two Bona Fide Contract Requirement: Next attestation period is 12/10/2020 through 12/09/2022
Disclosures & Finding: None
Subject to FDA-Regulated Reporting Entity Guidance: No