What does it mean for a PSO to be listed by AHRQ?

Only Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) listed by AHRQ can offer providers the strong Federal confidentiality and privilege protections for patient safety work product established by the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (the “Patient Safety Act”). Listed PSOs may also contribute data to the Network of Patient Safety Databases (NPSD). To become listed, PSOs submit certifications to AHRQ that they will meet the requirements of the Patient Safety Act and the Patient Safety Rule (42 CFR Part 3). When AHRQ accepts an entity’s certifications, it becomes a listed PSO and must continue to meet requirements in order to remain listed. Listing is voluntary, as is working with a listed PSO, and does not entitle PSOs or the providers they work with to any Federal funding.

Listed PSOs

View a searchable list of all PSOs currently listed by AHRQ, which includes contact information and details related to the PSO’s listing status. You can narrow searches by Region served, PSO specialty, and more.

Map of PSOs

Locate on a map PSOs currently listed by AHRQ.

Delisted PSOs

View a list of all PSOs that are no longer listed by AHRQ. A PSO may be delisted for one of three reasons:

  • The PSO may choose to voluntarily relinquish its status as a listed PSO.
  • The PSO may choose not to continue its listing and allow the 3-year period of listing to expire.
  • AHRQ may revoke a PSO's listing for cause.
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